Housing Solutions for a Growing Gravelbourg: A Community Conversation

Housing Solutions for a Growing Gravelbourg: A Community Conversation

The Town of Gravelbourg Economic Development Office invites you to a community conversation on the housing shortage. 

Not just a big city problem

Just like larger centres, small towns face significant housing challenges. Without suitable housing, our communities cannot grow and prosper:

  • Major employers struggle to recruit workers 
  • Educational institutions fail to hire teachers
  • Entrepreneurs resist starting new businesses
  • Business owners can’t find successors

Your health could depend on it

While housing may not be a concern for the average resident of our region, it should be. St. Joseph’s Hospital offers emergency and laboratory services as well as continuing care to a large catchment population. The housing shortage impacts our community’s ability to recruit and retain healthcare workers and jeopardizes the hospital’s capacity to maintain its services. We need viable housing options now.

Be a part of the solution

Small communities have unique challenges–and distinct strengths! Word of mouth, personal connections, and local knowledge are valuable tools we can use to provide immediate and long-term solutions to our housing needs. Let’s brainstorm, leverage our resources, and take action to create new housing opportunities. Collectively, we can harness our network of property owners, discuss development options, and mobilize our passion for community-building to secure a prosperous future for our region. 

We want you at the table! Join us at the Cultural Centre on Thursday, February 29, 7 pm.