402 Main St

In 1913, local resident Jeffrey Piche built a two story house which was home to the Bank of Toronto and the Post Office on the main floor - and his own living quarters upstairs. When the Canadian National Railway started hauling mail in 1914, the mail service improved substantially and soon 50 to 60 postal boxes were in use. 

Mr. Piche was temporary postmaster until he sold his house to Arthur Mailhot. Mr. Mailhot bought the postal equipment for $300.00 and assumed the role of postmaster. In 1915, the Post Office was moved into anew building on Main Street, located directly north and adjacent to the present Post Office building. It was a small white house which operated as the new postal and telegraph office. This small building was used until 1928 when the present Post Office building was built. The old building was then moved to the College Mathieu campus.

post office 1940s

Built in 1928, the current Post Office building is now a Municipal Heritage Property. The second floor of the building has been used for a variety of purposes over the past sixty years. In 1938, the "Force" (also known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) utilized this as their base of operations. After the Force moved to new quarters in 1954, the PFRA (Prairie Farmer Rehabilitation Association) rented the second floor. Later it became the living quarters of building caretaker Mr. Northrup, and today it used as the Gravelbourg Enterprise Centre which provides office space to young entrepreneurs.